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Online LayoutMaker

Online LayoutMaker

VedoReview is a content management system (CMS), that offers various website building tools and features. This system can be used to create simple basic websites to fully customizable review sites with side-by-side comparisons features, buying guides, extensive product specs, feature search, blogs, and more.

Envedoc is the quintessential tool for uploading, viewing, and storing documents online that offers strong encryption options. This tool also features a fully functional reader that is supported on many browsers from HTML5 to flash technology. With an extensive administrative interface, Envedoc may also be integrated using API to sync company accounts for safe sharing capabilities. This tool is in Beta testing stages and is currently closed to the public.

Kitbuilder is highly customizable tool to automate your kit creations, from creating custom catalogs to training kits for your employees to putting together printed personalized promotional items for your clients. This process can be fully automated or manually directed.

Online Layout Maker is a browser based tool, ideal for creating customizable templates for database driven results. This system is user friendly offering flexibility and ultimate control over your layout building process. Choose from importing templates with variable fields or create them from scratch.





Web Application


Also known as publish on demand (POD), provides the service of printing any content that occurs once an order has been received by a business or printer. This prevents over printing, conserving resources and allowing you to maintain a large backlist.

We offer customization that give you explicit control over the contents and visual presentation of your digital and printed documents.

With so many choices, ranging from visual elements such as colors and fonts to presentation elements of printed or electronic forms, the possibilities are endless. We customize anything from brochures to promotional items.

We personalize content information to accommodate the differences between individuals by weaving together bits and pieces of information that are stored in your database, we help you deliver excellent personalized letters to your clients.

All of our products are Web-based applications integrated through web browsers over the internet , allowing for real-time access, while relieving the necessity to download, install, or update any software on client computers.

We provide database-driven applications that allow users to add and edit content on web pages easily, with the database updating the information automatically in real time.

We offer customization that give you explicit control over the contents and visual presentation of your digital and printed documents.


Custom Software Development

We work collaboratively with you to tailor to your business goals and technology needs.

Mobile Applications

We consult, design, and program to create your unique mobile application using latest innovations to help accentuate your business’ growth

Webdesign & Development

We breathe and build innovative websites using web’s latest tools and technologies. We also offer websites that come with content management system where you can easily manage your website’s content.


Our experienced consultants can transform your vision and develop capabilities that fit your requirements and objectives.

Save Time and Money

We focus on reducing routine with human errors and increasing productivity and accuracy. We enable our clients to deliver highly customizable and personalizable solutions for their customers.

Increase Productivity

Experience the flawless integration of our platforms as a "white box" product to brand products with your existing systems.

Utilize our Web-based technology along with mobile applications to meet the ever-growing demands for information delivery!

This is Vedomatic

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Our services and expertise range from automation to consultation with extensive knowledge in custom software and webdesign development.

We allow you to take complex data, using rules and templates, to automatically distill information to create a final customized and personalized product.